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  • Use the computer keyboard to play midi. Most keys are customizable.
  • Translate/re-route midi inputs.
  • Customizable control screen. Controls can be assigned a midi event & can be linked.
  • Layers control how midi is sent, multiple layers per program.
  • Midi events can be assigned to zones. Zones control which layers to play & can be independently transposed.
  • Arpeggio & transform functions which can be used together to play sequences.
  • Diatonic transpose - can be used to make 1-finger chords and/or can be used with the transform function to make diatonic arpeggios.
  • Midi buffer records all midi events sent to each midi output. Buffer size is user definable.
  • Up to 1000 programs per bank. Able to save/load individual programs or entire bank to/from files.
  • A virtual midi port for directly connecting VMC to other software. Midi loopback drivers are not needed to connect VMC with programs like Cubase and Sonar.
  • A 'Global Keyboard' function which lets computer keyboard presses take effect whether or not VMC is in the foreground.
  • A midi event control for viewing and sending midi cc's & other non-note events.
  • Toggle mode in which 1 keypress does a note-on and a 2nd keypress does a note-off.
  • An oscillator component that sends midi cc events in patterns such as waveform or pulse. Can be used for auto pan or tremolo effects.
  • A joystick component. VMC can translate joystick movements into midi or other VMC functions. The grid that displays the joystick position can also be used with the mouse as a midi CC control.
  • VSTi plugin. VMC exists as a stand alone program (.exe) and VSTi plugin (.dll). The main difference between the program and the plugin is that the plugin has only 1 midi input and output, which is the host system.
System Requirements:
Windows XP 32 bit
WIndows 7/8.1/10 32/64 bit

Version 3.2

Program runs in demo mode until a valid serial number is entered. In demo mode, a nag screen appears when the program is started, and after 60 days the program stops working.
$30. Serial number is delivered by email.

Previous versions